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Process fire fighting system Specialist

(Azonosító: 2668907198)
Process fire fighting system Specialist kép
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  • Hirdetésfeladás:
    2018.10.29. 09:00:01
  • Hirdetés lejár:
    2099.01.01. 00:00:00
  • Termék helye:
    Más ország (egyéb), Külföld


Szükséges végzettség: felsőfokú végzettség Szakterület: tűzvédelmi, biztonsági szakértő
Munka jellege: teljes munkaidő

Termékleírás - Process fire fighting system Specialist

Munka leírása, feladatok

We are looking for the process oriented specialist on various firefighting systems such as sprinkler, deluge, CO2 and foam systems already used in the Project who will be responsible for correct transferring of approved basic design and requirements defined by valid legislation to the detail design, coordination of multidisciplinary design modification in line with internal rules and cooperation with contractors and various disciplines focused on making technical decisions.

Key responsibilities:

- Knowledge of National legislation related to fire safety Law 314/2001 and related decrees with technical content (especially 94/2004; 169/2004, etc.)

- Knowledge of standard related to design of various types of firefighting systems VdS, NFPA, EN (e.g. VdS2108, VdS2109, CEA4001, NFPA750, NFPA20, NFPA13, etc).

- Coordination of technical documentation provided by Technological Contractors to ascertain the technical correctness and the overall consistency.

- Solving of process issues with required ability to understand logic diagrams

- Supervision and review of detailed design (hydraulic calculation, P&ID diagrams, technical report, layouts, interface documentation with other disciplines, etc).

- Review of the detailed design documentation related to design of firefighting systems from the process point of view to ensure the consistency with Basic Design concepts.

- Review of the detailed design to ascertain it complies with the requirements defined by State Supervision Authorities and Regulatory Authorities to ensure construction permits and other relevant approvals.

General tasks:

- Reviewing of detail design developed by contractor

- Participating in the review of commissioning procedures and test plans based on detailed design and operational feedbacks

- Assisting to other engineering units on reviewing of design modifications and non conformities

- Collecting and preparation of documents required for design change development

- Supporting to Construction, Quality and Commissioning department

- Recording and tracking design changes and their appropriate solution throughout the design process

- Supporting and coordinating interfaces between Nuclear Island and Conventional Island

Additional information to compensation package - total compensation consists of more components that we fairly consider as competitive. Compensation requirements of each candidate are evaluated individually and final proposal shared with selected candidate is fully in line with their individual experience, skills and capabilities, considering as well the market price of certain job position.


- At least 5 years relevant experience in Process Design / System engineering focused on design of firefighting system (water, gas, foam, etc.)

- Previous experience in Engineering department of relevant Engineering & Construction company;

- Past experiences in ?Nuclear Plant Design?, VVER plant design knowledge will be preferred

- Fire specialist or fire technician certificate will be preferred

- Good knowledge of English

- Good communication skills

- Problem solving skills

- Independence with team work capabilities

- Knowledge of Microsoft Office

Egyéb juttatások

* unique opportunity to actively participate in the construction of the NPP

* possibility of professional and career growth

* possibility of obtaining multinational experience