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Dutch Speaking Customer Service Representative

(Azonosító: 2697841715)
Dutch Speaking Customer Service Representative - Ügyfélszolgálat, vevőszolgálat kép
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  • Hirdetésfeladás:
    2019.02.09. 00:00:00
  • Hirdetés lejárt:
    2019.02.13. 01:30:21
  • Termék helye:
    Magyarország, Budapest


Munkavégzés helye (település): Budapest

Termékleírás - Dutch Speaking Customer Service Representative

Customer Delivery Management Representative is the main link between Ecolab plants/warehouses and our field sales force and customers.

The Customer Delivery Management Representative offers proactive, economic and sustainable solutions.

The owner of the role is a logistics coordinator who is responsible for following up each delivery issue until resolution. Ownership is a key competence.

This is a highly analytical position and requires good communication, problem-solving skills, focus, organization and independent thinking.
This is not a monotonous role
Handle numerous inquiries at a time, set priorities and follow through on multiple situations to maximize customer service
Use written and verbal communication skills to collaborate with logistics, supply chain and business partners to deliver desired results
Interface with manufacturing, shipping and transportation for multiple plants
Work in a team environment and demonstrate support of personal, department and company goals
Provide clear effective communication to customers and field sales

FLUENT in DUTCH and ENGLISH language.
Strong communication, negotiation skills. Written and verbal communication is clear, concise and utilizes language that is positive and professional. Demonstrate the ability to voice disagreement without creating conflict.
Ability to manage multiple situations, think on your feet, influence decision makers and be accurate in execution