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Chemical Modes Technologist

(Azonosító: 2668907072)
Chemical Modes Technologist kép
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  • Hirdetésfeladás:
    2018.10.29. 08:53:16
  • Hirdetés lejár:
    2099.01.01. 00:00:00
  • Termék helye:
    Más ország (egyéb), Külföld


Szükséges végzettség: felsőfokú végzettség Munka jellege: teljes munkaidő
Szakterület: mérnök Szakterület (1): vegyész

Termékleírás - Chemical Modes Technologist

Munka leírása, feladatok

The aim of Chemical Modes Technologist is monitoring and evaluation of chemical modes of all types of water in NPP in all phases of construction and operation regimes of NPP as well.

Key responsibilities:

• Responsible for evaluation the chemical regimes within assigned activities.

• Responsible for corrosion processes inspection and proposed the corrective action based on status of equipment.

• Responsible for optimization of chemical processes and coordination the activities of operational laboratories and other departments related to chemical processes.


• Evaluation of all activities related to requirements of specified limits for chemical regimes of NPP

• Provision of requests related to the changes of chemical regimes whit in chemical legislation, designing of impulses for changes and recommendation of chemical regimes in NPP

• Elaborate the Schedule of taking a samples for chemical modes control, propose the suggestions for change, scope and periodicity of chemical inspection.

• Monitor the corrosion process on selected equipment of Unit and its auxiliary systems and recommend measures with the Target to increase the life time, safety and operational capability of equipment of NPP.

• Cooperate in processing and updating of Operational procedures, Technology programs and testing of new Trial procedures, comments the project documentation.

• Assessment of project documentation in the field of chemical regimes in the range of activities provided by Engineering Department for relevant systems.

• Perform the more difficult sampling, chemical analysis and laboratory analysis and prepare the evaluation the measured results, as well as Protocol from analyses

• Coordination of activity related to production of wastes and discharging of waste waters regarding to keeping the prescript limits for NPP.

Additional information to compensation package - total compensation consists of more components that we fairly consider as competitive. Compensation requirements of each candidate are evaluated individually and final proposal shared with selected candidate is fully in line with their individual experience, skills and capabilities, considering as well the market price of certain job position.


• Qualification - Chemist Technical diploma;

• Experience - 3 years of working experience on a same/similar position, preferably in an international context;

• Knowledge of chemical legislation

• Other qualifications: Knowledge of information systems and applications of common use (e.g.: Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook, etc.);

• Very good command of both written and spoken English language is required;

• Personal characteristic: analytic mind, ability to solve the problems, independence, team cooperation, management

Egyéb juttatások

* unique opportunity to actively participate in the construction of the NPP

* possibility of professional and career growth

* possibility of obtaining multinational experience

További információ

The job position is hired for the branch of Slovenské Elektrárne a.s.

In case you are interested in this position, please send us your detailed CV in English language.

Thank you for contacting us. Only suitable candidates will be contacted back.