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Aesthetic Therapist

(Azonosító: 2842686146)
Aesthetic Therapist - Vendéglátás, idegenforgalom - Állás | TeszVesz kép
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  • Hirdetésfeladás:
    2019.11.25. 00:00:00
  • Hirdetés lejárt:
    2019.12.24. 01:32:03
  • Termék helye:
    Magyarország, Külföld


Munkavégzés helye (település): Anglia Keres/Kínál: Kínál

Termékleírás - Aesthetic Therapist

Hi there,
We are looking for an outstanding and hard-working Aesthetic therapist to join our lovely Facial Aesthetics team.
We will ask for practitioners that have some good experience in the field - but even a few years of consistent aesthetic practice is great.
Certificates in laser therapy will be necessary [Laser Level 4 ideal], and additional courses and qualifications will stand therapists in good stead
We will be providing training for the chosen candidate, every opportunity will be given to them to become an exceptional therapist. In return, we ask that they are ambitious and always willing to improve.
A great bedside manner and good character will be the most important factor when determining successful candidates. We have a great team and our patients have been with us for years - it is important that our new therapist enjoys being part of a friendly team.
The ideal candidate will provide good existing experience, a friendly personality and will be an asset to the clinic. Clinically they will need to be at a good standard, but they will have all the support to continuously improve.
We're looking for this to be a long term appointment where they can grow into the role and even put their own stamp on it. Vision and diligence will be rewarded with a good support network and job progression potential.
Potential Job Roles include:
  • Coolsculpting (non-invasive Fat reduction)
  • Specialised skin consultations
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling treatments (DermaPen)
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • IV Drips
Ideally, candidates will be able to carry out more than two of the above skills but training will be provided. The perfect candidate will not aggressively sell products to clients but instead provide a solid foundation of knowledge to guide trusting patients with their cosmetic choices, for skincare or skin treatments.
Salary will be dependent on hours that the candidate will be working - there is some flexibility on the front for the perfect candidate. Salary stated DOES NOT include Commission earned on sales.
There is a connection between many disciplines within Aesthetics and the successful candidate will learn to connect the dots between skincare and injectables, whether preventative or restorative. We're really looking forward to speaking to candidates about this position and finding our new team member.
Dr. Majid Shah, Artistry Clinic